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Out with one, in with another!

Soak off gel nail polish, have become hugely popular at PinkCrust, and it’s easy to see why. usually lasting weeks, soak of nail polish has zero drying time, are less damaging and perfect for natural nails, however… this manicure method becomes more popular more brands are becoming available.

PinkCrust, currently offers ‘shellac’ gel nail colours. However after weeks of trial, we will replacing this withΒ  the OPI Axxium range, check out the product information below, also click(or paste into add bar) to check out what beauty bloggers have to say about this product too!Β

On-trend OPI colors paired with a superior formula earned this complete nail care line a place on most nail salon shelves. While the regular OPI nail polish has a reputation for long-wear with minimal chipping and peeling, the already successful company decided to launch an extended wear product within their OPI Axxium line. The long wearing OPI gel nail polish color is formulated to easily soak off within several weeks of application. Applied from a small pot with a brush similar to a paint brush, the gel color is a salon-only professional-use product that must be applied in conjunction with a UV lamp for proper product setting. If you’re considering a OPI gel manicure, here’s a look at some of the benefits and potential pitfalls of OPI’s latest gel polish endeavor:

Pros of OPI Gel Polish

  • Ease of use and application
  • Extended wear of at least two weeks
  • High shine that lasts throughout wear
  • Zero chipping or peeling
  • Soak-off formula is suitable for weakened or damaged nails

OPI Axxium will be available at Pinkcrust from Feb 2011 xoxo

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