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Stilla winner!

Make up favourite stilla has made a return to the UK AND is now more accessible than ever! There are six wearable colours available at boots and boots online. Number 1 in this range for us pinkcrust girlies is the uber versatile Convertable colours for lips and cheeks Β£16.
We love it because…. This Can be worn under lip gloss, can be added on top of make up(cheeks of course) during the day for an instant make up boost, as the clours are close to sheer the texture and tones give an incredible dewiness to you skin.

PC rating 5/5

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  1. I’ve not bought one of these yet because I’m so scared of blusher but I’ve been eyeing them up online, is the formula sheer and subtle or quite bold?

    • Hey! The colours are quiet sheer and subtle, although they don’t quiet look that way in the palette. They can be layered on for a bolder effect too. Theses are definitely worth buying, they work really well on lips. You can add powder on top if you use this as a blush(and it will not move)


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