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London Fashion week!!!!

Sept 16th-Sept 23rd saw some of the biggest names in fashion come together to showcase their SS12 collections. Our girl Hella was backstage working as a nail technician(As part of the Jenny Longworth team) at a few shows. Whilst there, a few big trends were observed and relayed to the PinkCrust camp. we’ll let a few out of the bag and say that metallics and monochrome black & White zebra print were very prevalent….but if you want to be at the forefront of fashion in the talon department then you’ll have to come into the salon for a SS12 manicure!!!!


beautiful brides go for stunning eyes!

We’ve been busy over  the summer period tending to many brides and the biggest trend by far is the subtle smokey eye.  As lips Can wear away very easily throughout the day many brides have chosen to emphesise their eyes as a way of keep their make up at full effect for the whole day.

top tips to remeber for wedding make up

1. Waterproof mascara ALWAYS!

2. Stay away from fashion trends- You may end up looking very dated  in a decade or so when you look back on your pictures

3.Wear what will make you comfortable- As confidence will always compliment your look!

4. Fake lashes are a total MUST, you will kick yourself if you dont wear them

For bridal trial make up drop us a line at the salon to discuss your big day make up. xoxo

020 8510 9666

Scrub away the dullness

Amazingly (well, to the PinkCrust posse at least) many women are easily cutting out regular exfoliation in their daily cleansing routine, tut tut tut.

The thing is, a simple 2 minute Use of a scrub, just a couple of times a week can combat several skin issues and improve the appearance of skin instantly.

What exactly can it do? Ok where to start…

unclog pores, reduce pore size, brighten skin and reduce skin flakiness to name but a few benefits. In the long term this results in smoother skin.

The absolute best and all time favourite exfoliating scrubs on the Market right now that we LOVE LOVE LOVE for too many reasons would be Laura Mercier face polish, and clarins One step one step gentle exfoliator. Neither are abrasive, yet very effective, they contain skin sooting ingredients and smell divne!

But if you want to tighten your belt a little, you can always make your own!

Two heaped teaspoons of sugar, one teaspoons of almond oil, enough fresh tomato juice to turn the mixture into a paste and there you have it, a delicious tasting face scrub!

Update your look with…..

Illamasqua….this range is littered with super pigmented products giving you that ‘wow’ effect. If your looking to inject a little zing into your make up kit then look no further. The products are reasonably priced and seemingly last forever since you only need so little.

The Illamasqua Pinkrust favourite lippy is a very matte bold coral/peach/pink colour that suits just about everyone. It has excellent staying power, and looks amazing with a ‘dewy face’ look. If your intent on forgoing that usual glossy pout but still want maximum effect, this lipstick is the answer! At £13.50 it’s definitely worth the buy!


for more products from this brand check out

Stilla winner!

Make up favourite stilla has made a return to the UK AND is now more accessible than ever! There are six wearable colours available at boots and boots online. Number 1 in this range for us pinkcrust girlies is the uber versatile Convertable colours for lips and cheeks £16.
We love it because…. This Can be worn under lip gloss, can be added on top of make up(cheeks of course) during the day for an instant make up boost, as the clours are close to sheer the texture and tones give an incredible dewiness to you skin.

PC rating 5/5

Skin revival

The smoother the skin the better, the smaller the pores the smoother the skin, the clearer the skin, the younger it looks….The message is clear here, good skin is numero uno in everyones beauty goals! skin maintenance is an ongoing battle, the older it gets the more attention it needs. Yet we’re amazed that many customers who use our services @ PC pay very little attention to their skin AND seem to be at a loss on where to start with it!

Here’s some very good advice…..
Micro-dermabrasion! This is recommended for everyone! This is an excellent way of maintaing and improving skin. Micro-dermabrasion can be used on all skin types and is very effective on many skin complaints i.e fine lines, large pores, scarring, dullnes

There are countless of at home kits that can be very effective when used on a longterm basis and are often very simple to use. However these kits are significntly more effective when used to upkeep and maintain the results of a proffesionl salon micro-dermabrasion treatment.

After having your proffessional salon treatment here are a few at home kits we’d reccomend

Philosphys micro delivery peel,
Youthfull essence, and
Dermanew Facial Rejuvenation System

For more info or to make an appointment for a Pinkcrst Micro-dermabrasion facial call us on 0208 510 9666

2 min Top tips for toes

Summer is on our doorstep! And of course pedi’s are on the rise! Thus meaning ‘my feet are a state’ comments are on the increase. Since no one ever has the time to spend longer than 2 mins on their feet here are some quick sure-fire ways to ok looking feet.
pumice stones in the bath or shower-use all you strength to give hard skin areas a good scrub, this is very effective in the long run. Do this every other day if possible

Foot scrubs removes dead skin cells and moisturise, doing this every other day is a good idea

Moisturise (natural oils such as almond oil and olive oil are great for feet) a very underrated tool in preventing callous

A monthly visit to PC for a ‘proper pedi’ is highly recommended. Why? No bladed tools are used, so skin is not cut and left to repair itself causing further hard skin AND it’s just plain relaxing!

some more tips……

Soaking feet in warm water with vinegar or lemon(you shold surely be able to find these things in your cpboard somewhere!) helps kill, bacteria underneath nails and also whiten nails, we wont go into the technic of this but this really works

Sally Hansons just feet spa Sugar scrub is excellent for moisturising feet and smoothing them, we definitely recommend this product.

beyond belief

This skin care line is amazingly effective and affordable. If your familiar with dermalogica, then our verdict is that these products offer a similar result. At pinkcrust we’ve been using and loving Beyond Belief ABH Pore Refining Exfoliating Scrub and Beyond Belief ABH Pore Refining Clay Mask. Used together, they leave the skin soft, glowing and clean, without drying or stripping. The clinical menthol smell is also a plus point for both products. We love the use of alpha beta and hydroxy acids too.

We are soooo behind these to particular products that we now stock them in store

(please note pore refining scrub has sold out, the pore refining masque is only available until stocks last 🙂 )

be a bronze babe

We’ve noticed a huge increase in the sales of  spray tans, so now more than ever is the time to discuss-dum da da dum- BRONZER. We’ve gone through a whole horde at pinkcrust but we’ve come to and agreement of the top product (for now at least) AND if  Black,Turkish, Polish and mixed complexions all agree on the same product then surely our advice should be taken here!..?

Bobbi Brown’s browns bronzing powder

Why we like and why we recommend……

There are more than a few shades to choose from (many brands are limited in shades when it comes to bronzer assuming a couple of options suit all we hate that!)

This is totally, 100% matte. Important because as ‘beauty gals’  we like the clean, fresh, understated yet glowing look (we want this EVERYDAY btw)  and very often bronzers with the “pearly” particles do not achieve this look AND matte is always easier to apply!

Also being that is a bobby brown product, it’s got all the usual attributes…good consistency, the right tone etc

PC verdict, a must all year round if you ask us! xoxo

We detect a touch of matte bronzer on everyone’s favourite new “princess”

Fashion adviceish

The high street is absolutely glowing with neons, Zara and top shop are most definitely the leaders…how ever we would like to implant a firm warning, neon pink dress does not mean neon pink nails- as you may well risk being a fashion victim! BUT colour blocking is and totally cool! Her are our suggestions

Yellow Zara dress, teamed with OPI’s ‘bright power’, Topshops blue pumps with OPI’s ‘funky dunky’ or if you could stick to Essie’s ‘damsel in a dress’ and wear pretty much any colour!

(all colours available at the pinkcrust salon)

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