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be a bronze babe

We’ve noticed a huge increase in the sales ofΒ  spray tans, so now more than ever is the time to discuss-dum da da dum- BRONZER. We’ve gone through a whole horde at pinkcrust but we’ve come to and agreement of the top product (for now at least) AND ifΒ  Black,Turkish, Polish and mixed complexions all agree on the same product then surely our advice should be taken here!..?

Bobbi Brown’s browns bronzing powder

Why we like and why we recommend……

There are more than a few shades to choose from (many brands are limited in shades when it comes to bronzer assuming a couple of options suit all we hate that!)

This is totally, 100% matte. Important because as ‘beauty gals’Β  we like the clean, fresh, understated yet glowing look (we want this EVERYDAY btw)Β  and very often bronzers with the “pearly” particles do not achieve this look AND matte is always easier to apply!

Also being that is a bobby brown product, it’s got all the usual attributes…good consistency, the right tone etc

PC verdict, a must all year round if you ask us! xoxo

We detect a touch of matte bronzer on everyone’s favourite new “princess”

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