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Insider information alert! The mother of all concealers!

Yet again Laura Mercier harbours another hall of fame product …. Secret Camouflage

why? Heavy duty stuff which covers pretty much everything!!! don’t be frightened by “heavy-duty” all we mean is a little goes a long way and the thick cream block ensures a very solid consistency(which avoids making blemishes look worse, like a lot of concealer’s do)

Pros? This is  dual compact so you get two shades, which can be mixed together for a spot on colour match or used in separate areas for highlighting. This is especially good for darker skin tones which almost always needs more than one shade.

How much? £26

lasts? forever

We use for? Ourselves(of course) and bridals

Our advice? get it, as you may find that you no longer need to use foundation!!

Update your look with…..

Illamasqua….this range is littered with super pigmented products giving you that ‘wow’ effect. If your looking to inject a little zing into your make up kit then look no further. The products are reasonably priced and seemingly last forever since you only need so little.

The Illamasqua Pinkrust favourite lippy is a very matte bold coral/peach/pink colour that suits just about everyone. It has excellent staying power, and looks amazing with a ‘dewy face’ look. If your intent on forgoing that usual glossy pout but still want maximum effect, this lipstick is the answer! At £13.50 it’s definitely worth the buy!


for more products from this brand check out

Stilla winner!

Make up favourite stilla has made a return to the UK AND is now more accessible than ever! There are six wearable colours available at boots and boots online. Number 1 in this range for us pinkcrust girlies is the uber versatile Convertable colours for lips and cheeks £16.
We love it because…. This Can be worn under lip gloss, can be added on top of make up(cheeks of course) during the day for an instant make up boost, as the clours are close to sheer the texture and tones give an incredible dewiness to you skin.

PC rating 5/5

be a bronze babe

We’ve noticed a huge increase in the sales of  spray tans, so now more than ever is the time to discuss-dum da da dum- BRONZER. We’ve gone through a whole horde at pinkcrust but we’ve come to and agreement of the top product (for now at least) AND if  Black,Turkish, Polish and mixed complexions all agree on the same product then surely our advice should be taken here!..?

Bobbi Brown’s browns bronzing powder

Why we like and why we recommend……

There are more than a few shades to choose from (many brands are limited in shades when it comes to bronzer assuming a couple of options suit all we hate that!)

This is totally, 100% matte. Important because as ‘beauty gals’  we like the clean, fresh, understated yet glowing look (we want this EVERYDAY btw)  and very often bronzers with the “pearly” particles do not achieve this look AND matte is always easier to apply!

Also being that is a bobby brown product, it’s got all the usual attributes…good consistency, the right tone etc

PC verdict, a must all year round if you ask us! xoxo

We detect a touch of matte bronzer on everyone’s favourite new “princess”

Must have! Should have! Always have! Pros have! Product of the week.

Benefits legendary moon beam and high beam are fantastic quick fixes that give you an amazing glow. Use alone, underneath or on top of make up in the right areas and you’ll  have light bouncing of your facial contours giving you brilliant definition!

Where to use it? brow bone, cheek bone, bridge of nose…

How to use? Mix with foundations, moisturisers or place alone in specific areas.

Can be used on all?  The general rule of thumb with the benefit can is that moon beam is preferabe on dark skin tones whist high beam is great on light skin tones, however, we believe that this product can be used according to the ook that is desired!

PC rating 5/5 buy it!

Loving wonder woman!

Having taken a trip to Selfridges this week, one was greeted with a gigantic 50ft wonder woman cut out, despite being on the 4th floor it still wasn’t possible to escape the girl! So of course a trip to MAC was a no brainer….having checked out the range and making purchases(purely based on packaging btw) it was decided to give this stuff a thumbs up!
Why? Well in large part because the packing was genius and retro, it just has to be part of the make up kit. although some of the products seemed like a replica of existing ranges( MAC has so many shades and products that slight variation are inevitable) the shades were fairly wearable and usable I.e multi functional product such as the shimmer pots being one

Our verdict- if you’re needing a change from your usual or want to treat a friend MAC’s wonder woman rang is definitely an option!

I guess…we’ll see you all there then!

Just some PC advice…..

A good make up base is…..??? To us girlies at PinkCrust the answer to this is really obvious, but not always to others.

It’s Good skin!  Skin is what your make up sits on so it’s therefore very important for your base to be smooth in order to achieve a smooth look after make up is applied. exfoliation three times a week, cleansing, toning & moisturising for the long-term is of course a must to KEEP skin up to par. Yet many of our customers are admitting to NOT moisturising everyday BUT still wearing make up everyday!!! (confusion, shock, horror…no…seriously) As a result of this knowledge we’d like to say

“Skipping the cleansing and moisturising, is just not cool”

In any case we’ve got three fab primers, that really make a difference to how long your make up last and aid in smooth application, enhanced glow and finer pores.                    Bobbi brown vitamin enriched face base, doubles up as a moisturiser, even worn without make up keeps the face matt and smooth looking as well as smelling gorgeous. Very good for daily use. This primer is by far our favorite and regularly used for our bridal make up too.                          YSL top secrets flash radiance. The pearly reflective pigments work very well to add a little highlighting. This product’s very mattifying, perfect for evening looks we think. Laura Mercier foundation primer, is lightweight and absorbs very quickly, it definitely keeps make up on all day and gives a very smooth finish to your make up.  BTW….We’re loving Ms Campbell’s flawless and radiant skin in the latest edition of Russian GQ, who is looking magnificent at 40 (we’re sure she doesn’t skip on her moisturising, toning and exfoliating!!!)

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