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For those that are a combination…..

Dry and combination skin will definitely benefit from dr Hausckas’s Rose day cream. Although it’s a slightly rich cream, this product has managed to reduce the oil in the t-zone by giving the skin what it needs, we won’t get too technical but let’s jus say after a long day of waxing one was pleased to look at her reflection and see a considerable reduction in oiliness. The Rose day cream also aids in smoothing the skin and smells incredibly lush too.

PC rating 5/5

matters of the skin!

Mild Acne, pigmentation, stretch marks, rosacea, malasma and so many more skin problems can often be aided to repair with the help of the right product and this brand is one of them!

The Pinkcrust team are all fixated on the Mario Badescu range. here are a list of reasons why(you ready?)
*the range has a variety of products targeted at common skin problems for all over the body
*being that this line is very close to a specialist skin care range, its products are very reasonable
*the range is actually effective!

one of the favourites amongst the pinkcrust girlies is the glycollic foaming wash, which is an exfoliation treatment for mild pigmentation with the effect of brightening the skin (after using this for 2 months, it was is amazingly effective because it cleaned ,brightened and evened out skin tone without drying stripping or irritation.)
some other products worth trying are;

Rolling Cream Peel With AHA

Seaweed Cleansing Soap

A.H.A. & Ceramide Moisturizer

This is a range covers everything, we can only recommend you try it
PC rating 5/5

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