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Ideas for jubliee weekend!

Although obvious,  the union jack still makes a statement everytime,  this customer requested a little bling on hers to update the look.

If your looking for further inspiration then ….tah da!!! ….. This familiar face may be able to help xoxo

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red, red and more RED

One of our favourite style queens, Ms Olivia Palermo, seems to be following one of our favourite beauty rules which is…’find your colour and stick to it!’ We’re loving that Olivia consistently rocks the ever so iconic red shade. As we all know any outfit can be upgraded instantly with exceptional grooming  which means attention to detail to. Red polishes always has the aforementioned effects! Now, although it may seem fairly repetitive to work the same colour over and over it doesn’t have to be if you’re alternating shades! here  are a few über chic colours worth trying…oh yes, with us it’s unanimous, red is best worn on short nails

Essie Lollipop, Olivia’s go to colours(may we add),   Chanel Le Vernis in Shanghai red  and Nars Jungle red (DBP-, toluene, and formaldehyde-free) xoxo  

London Fashion week!!!!

Sept 16th-Sept 23rd saw some of the biggest names in fashion come together to showcase their SS12 collections. Our girl Hella was backstage working as a nail technician(As part of the Jenny Longworth team) at a few shows. Whilst there, a few big trends were observed and relayed to the PinkCrust camp. we’ll let a few out of the bag and say that metallics and monochrome black & White zebra print were very prevalent….but if you want to be at the forefront of fashion in the talon department then you’ll have to come into the salon for a SS12 manicure!!!!


Oscar nails

Having studied the red carpet celebrity nails, we have concluded that nude nails was the trend of the day (and most likely the next coming months)….

Which promptly reminded us of our ‘ no fail’ french mani favourite Orly’s Angel face. Why? consistency is  “creamy” giving good coverage and the colour absolutely results in perfect looking clean and tidy nails. Excellent worn alone or with a white tip! however it was duely noted that Anne Hathaway’s natural nails were down to high-end brand Deborah Lippmann polish in ‘I dreamed you’. However if you need to get your hands on a cheaper high street alternative, we highly recommend Bourjois ‘so laque’ in ‘rose Lounge’-it offers excellent shine, longevity, superb consistency, wide brush for easier coverage…guess you catch our drift, get this!!

LFW inspiration……

Day 3 @ London Fashion week saw uber gorgeous models grace the catwalk for Vivienne Westwood and Temperly! Jenny Longworth nails sponsored by Revlon was running the show for talons backstage for Temperly. Our gal, Hella was also amongst the JLN(for Revlon) team. Gucci Westman(for Revlon) was the creator of the fab smoky purple eye  and hot red lip look! (we told you purple smokey eyes were hot, didn’t we…uh huh)

The nails?

We were very impressed! nails were ‘peach smoothie’ from Revlons scented perfume range… “after painting a portion 0f 36 hands it was a delight to breath in something pleasant rather than the usual toxic fumes, thumbs up to Revlon for that!” -Hella. The order of the day was a very attractive nude applied to absolute precision!(a la Jenny’s instructions!)

However the PC girlies have been inspired by this chic and demure look…….so we’ve of course gone for the absolute opposite effect by embracing our latest edition to the PC colour line up which is Essies’s ‘berry hard’, our first customer to snap this up was a burlesque dancer and it was le coup de foudre for this extravagant performer(talk about perfect match…huh) and this colour was complemented with pointy oval gel nails which resulted in a total 50’s style tribute….

And some other great finds were….. Revlons quick dry top coat, it does what it says on the bottle and has proven very productive in the salon!

PinkCrust @ London Fashion week

As london fashion week kicked off on february 18th 2011, Pinkcrust Director, Hella, was backstage working in the Jenny Longworth team doing some fab nails for Felder felder!

The color in question was a custom blend of the nail girls brand creating a ‘grey-taupe-beige’

“hair and make up was kinda manic, but Jenny’s nail team just breezed through without any real hiccups. The look was really understated, it was a perfect compliment to the hair and make up, I loved it! it was  great working with Jenny too”- hella

The PinkCrust team are looking forward to spilling the beans on ss/11’s  hottest nail trends!!!

pics below, Jenny Lonworth

Top of the nail charts is…..

Celebs have a huge impact on the latest nail trends, never the less it takes ultimate flair to keep on top with what’s hots.. Check out our top 10nail extraordinaires…

In at no. 10  is Fergie who even has a minx pattern named after her – fergie strips

9 Solange Knowles, french mani’s are not for this gal

8 Beyonce Knowles, were definetly impressed with her fantastic make up looks and it seems as tho her nails are as equally impressive,
check out this retro baby blue from her ‘why don’t you love me



7 Lady Gaga is known for here eccentric style but we love this demure look, the long oval 70’s nails are ever so flattering

6 Kim Kardashian was definitely ahead of the game when she sported these white nails, brilliant!


5 Katy Perry’s consistently kept it interesting with her craaazy nails, she’s now teamed up with OPI and has a range due jan 2011, hhmmm we’ll have to buy a couple of bottles before we pass judgement!

4 Khole Kardashian, although khole doesn’t get to wild with her nails, she’s high on our list because she sports such wearable and flattering shades, she reminds us of what the right shade can do for your hands!

3 Dita Von Tease has stayed totally true to her modern burlesque look, commitment like this MUST be praised

2 nick minaj has done it all! We just love how she promotes
pink, but on her recent trip to London, despite parading around in the craziest yet coolest of outfits, we couldn’t help but notice how simple and elegant she kept her nails with one of our favourite OPI colours ‘over the taupe’

Number 1 is of course RHIANNA…..every shape and style has been on the talons of this style queen yet we’re always amazed at her ability to think out of the box…it looks like she did it again with these orange/yellow nails, a total clash to the fiery red hair however a total a match to it….. Ri Ri, we salute you!

What do you think? Is there anyone else who deserves to be on our list?

Out with one, in with another!

Soak off gel nail polish, have become hugely popular at PinkCrust, and it’s easy to see why. usually lasting weeks, soak of nail polish has zero drying time, are less damaging and perfect for natural nails, however… this manicure method becomes more popular more brands are becoming available.

PinkCrust, currently offers ‘shellac’ gel nail colours. However after weeks of trial, we will replacing this with  the OPI Axxium range, check out the product information below, also click(or paste into add bar) to check out what beauty bloggers have to say about this product too!

On-trend OPI colors paired with a superior formula earned this complete nail care line a place on most nail salon shelves. While the regular OPI nail polish has a reputation for long-wear with minimal chipping and peeling, the already successful company decided to launch an extended wear product within their OPI Axxium line. The long wearing OPI gel nail polish color is formulated to easily soak off within several weeks of application. Applied from a small pot with a brush similar to a paint brush, the gel color is a salon-only professional-use product that must be applied in conjunction with a UV lamp for proper product setting. If you’re considering a OPI gel manicure, here’s a look at some of the benefits and potential pitfalls of OPI’s latest gel polish endeavor:

Pros of OPI Gel Polish

  • Ease of use and application
  • Extended wear of at least two weeks
  • High shine that lasts throughout wear
  • Zero chipping or peeling
  • Soak-off formula is suitable for weakened or damaged nails

OPI Axxium will be available at Pinkcrust from Feb 2011 xoxo

The whole point in MATTE nail polish and…it’s here to stay

For those of you complaining about the matt  nail polishes looking like wall paint and “not very shiny”(yesss…i know, it’s commonly said!) we’d like to point out a few things. It boils down to the matte polish being a “look” and therefore a preference. shiny nails represent high maintenance and polished(no pun intended) whereas matte represents understated chic, not try hard yet not neglecting and also moving with the ever-changing fashion industry.The ‘dustier’ looking the polish the more striking the effect. In regards to it not lasting very long, we can only say that’s a technical issue, polish without topcoat will never last very long. However it’s soooo quick drying that applying it every other day shouldnt be time-consuming.(at least for a dedicated fashionista)

Here at Pinkcrust we commonly sport the matte, anything that gives us a different and interesting look is very refreshing AND if its good enough for a flashy car…..

In any case the pinkcrust girlie’s and customers  alike have long been dedicated wearers of  O.P.I ‘Lincoln park after dark’  and now there’s a matt version!!!! hmm…in the words of Racheal Zoe “I DIE”

Now for some words of advice for the pro matte camp (if you haven’t yet gathered, that’s us included) O.P.I’s range of matte’s are brilliant, Orly also do a range of matte polish But whilst the dark colours are excellent, the lighter shades do not quite manage to be 100% matte, they appear “suede-ish”, the resulting effect just seems more like matte smeared with grease(which, btw, has a totally different connotation!!!)

alternatively, the ‘Essie’ mattifying top coat Matte About You is very economical, just apply this over old favourites or even colours you just regret buying(they take on a whole new life form when they’re matt)

And at last base coat is still necessary!

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