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Fashion adviceish

The high street is absolutely glowing with neons, Zara and top shop are most definitely the leaders…how ever we would like to implant a firm warning, neon pink dress does not mean neon pink nails- as you may well risk being a fashion victim! BUT colour blocking is and totally cool! Her are our suggestions

Yellow Zara dress, teamed with OPI’s ‘bright power’, Topshops blue pumps with OPI’s ‘funky dunky’ or if you could stick to Essie’s ‘damsel in a dress’ and wear pretty much any colour!

(all colours available at the pinkcrust salon)

PinkCrust @ London Fashion week

As london fashion week kicked off on february 18th 2011, Pinkcrust Director, Hella, was backstage working in the Jenny Longworth team doing some fab nails for Felder felder!

The color in question was a custom blend of the nail girls brand creating a ‘grey-taupe-beige’

“hair and make up was kinda manic, but Jenny’s nail team just breezed through without any real hiccups. The look was really understated, it was a perfect compliment to the hair and make up, I loved it! it was  great working with Jenny too”- hella

The PinkCrust team are looking forward to spilling the beans on ss/11’s  hottest nail trends!!!

pics below, Jenny Lonworth

Out with one, in with another!

Soak off gel nail polish, have become hugely popular at PinkCrust, and it’s easy to see why. usually lasting weeks, soak of nail polish has zero drying time, are less damaging and perfect for natural nails, however… this manicure method becomes more popular more brands are becoming available.

PinkCrust, currently offers ‘shellac’ gel nail colours. However after weeks of trial, we will replacing this with  the OPI Axxium range, check out the product information below, also click(or paste into add bar) to check out what beauty bloggers have to say about this product too!

On-trend OPI colors paired with a superior formula earned this complete nail care line a place on most nail salon shelves. While the regular OPI nail polish has a reputation for long-wear with minimal chipping and peeling, the already successful company decided to launch an extended wear product within their OPI Axxium line. The long wearing OPI gel nail polish color is formulated to easily soak off within several weeks of application. Applied from a small pot with a brush similar to a paint brush, the gel color is a salon-only professional-use product that must be applied in conjunction with a UV lamp for proper product setting. If you’re considering a OPI gel manicure, here’s a look at some of the benefits and potential pitfalls of OPI’s latest gel polish endeavor:

Pros of OPI Gel Polish

  • Ease of use and application
  • Extended wear of at least two weeks
  • High shine that lasts throughout wear
  • Zero chipping or peeling
  • Soak-off formula is suitable for weakened or damaged nails

OPI Axxium will be available at Pinkcrust from Feb 2011 xoxo

The whole point in MATTE nail polish and…it’s here to stay

For those of you complaining about the matt  nail polishes looking like wall paint and “not very shiny”(yesss…i know, it’s commonly said!) we’d like to point out a few things. It boils down to the matte polish being a “look” and therefore a preference. shiny nails represent high maintenance and polished(no pun intended) whereas matte represents understated chic, not try hard yet not neglecting and also moving with the ever-changing fashion industry.The ‘dustier’ looking the polish the more striking the effect. In regards to it not lasting very long, we can only say that’s a technical issue, polish without topcoat will never last very long. However it’s soooo quick drying that applying it every other day shouldnt be time-consuming.(at least for a dedicated fashionista)

Here at Pinkcrust we commonly sport the matte, anything that gives us a different and interesting look is very refreshing AND if its good enough for a flashy car…..

In any case the pinkcrust girlie’s and customers  alike have long been dedicated wearers of  O.P.I ‘Lincoln park after dark’  and now there’s a matt version!!!! hmm…in the words of Racheal Zoe “I DIE”

Now for some words of advice for the pro matte camp (if you haven’t yet gathered, that’s us included) O.P.I’s range of matte’s are brilliant, Orly also do a range of matte polish But whilst the dark colours are excellent, the lighter shades do not quite manage to be 100% matte, they appear “suede-ish”, the resulting effect just seems more like matte smeared with grease(which, btw, has a totally different connotation!!!)

alternatively, the ‘Essie’ mattifying top coat Matte About You is very economical, just apply this over old favourites or even colours you just regret buying(they take on a whole new life form when they’re matt)

And at last base coat is still necessary!

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