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London Fashion week!!!!

Sept 16th-Sept 23rd saw some of the biggest names in fashion come together to showcase their SS12 collections. Our girl Hella was backstage working as a nail technician(As part of the Jenny Longworth team) at a few shows. Whilst there, a few big trends were observed and relayed to the PinkCrust camp. we’ll let a few out of the bag and say that metallics and monochrome black & White zebra print were very prevalent….but if you want to be at the forefront of fashion in the talon department then you’ll have to come into the salon for a SS12 manicure!!!!


Skin revival

The smoother the skin the better, the smaller the pores the smoother the skin, the clearer the skin, the younger it looks….The message is clear here, good skin is numero uno in everyones beauty goals! skin maintenance is an ongoing battle, the older it gets the more attention it needs. Yet we’re amazed that many customers who use our services @ PC pay very little attention to their skin AND seem to be at a loss on where to start with it!

Here’s some very good advice…..
Micro-dermabrasion! This is recommended for everyone! This is an excellent way of maintaing and improving skin. Micro-dermabrasion can be used on all skin types and is very effective on many skin complaints i.e fine lines, large pores, scarring, dullnes

There are countless of at home kits that can be very effective when used on a longterm basis and are often very simple to use. However these kits are significntly more effective when used to upkeep and maintain the results of a proffesionl salon micro-dermabrasion treatment.

After having your proffessional salon treatment here are a few at home kits we’d reccomend

Philosphys micro delivery peel,
Youthfull essence, and
Dermanew Facial Rejuvenation System

For more info or to make an appointment for a Pinkcrst Micro-dermabrasion facial call us on 0208 510 9666

thumbs up!

Zoya is just one of those ‘thank goodness’ brands. Colours and consistency is plain fab! check these out….imagine one of these lush mattes on your nails!

PC rating 4/5

Loving wonder woman!

Having taken a trip to Selfridges this week, one was greeted with a gigantic 50ft wonder woman cut out, despite being on the 4th floor it still wasn’t possible to escape the girl! So of course a trip to MAC was a no brainer….having checked out the range and making purchases(purely based on packaging btw) it was decided to give this stuff a thumbs up!
Why? Well in large part because the packing was genius and retro, it just has to be part of the make up kit. although some of the products seemed like a replica of existing ranges( MAC has so many shades and products that slight variation are inevitable) the shades were fairly wearable and usable I.e multi functional product such as the shimmer pots being one

Our verdict- if you’re needing a change from your usual or want to treat a friend MAC’s wonder woman rang is definitely an option!

matters of the skin!

Mild Acne, pigmentation, stretch marks, rosacea, malasma and so many more skin problems can often be aided to repair with the help of the right product and this brand is one of them!

The Pinkcrust team are all fixated on the Mario Badescu range. here are a list of reasons why(you ready?)
*the range has a variety of products targeted at common skin problems for all over the body
*being that this line is very close to a specialist skin care range, its products are very reasonable
*the range is actually effective!

one of the favourites amongst the pinkcrust girlies is the glycollic foaming wash, which is an exfoliation treatment for mild pigmentation with the effect of brightening the skin (after using this for 2 months, it was is amazingly effective because it cleaned ,brightened and evened out skin tone without drying stripping or irritation.)
some other products worth trying are;

Rolling Cream Peel With AHA

Seaweed Cleansing Soap

A.H.A. & Ceramide Moisturizer

This is a range covers everything, we can only recommend you try it
PC rating 5/5

Oscar nails

Having studied the red carpet celebrity nails, we have concluded that nude nails was the trend of the day (and most likely the next coming months)….

Which promptly reminded us of our ‘ no fail’ french mani favourite Orly’s Angel face. Why? consistency isΒ  “creamy” giving good coverage and the colour absolutely results in perfect looking clean and tidy nails. Excellent worn alone or with a white tip! however it was duely noted that Anne Hathaway’s natural nails were down to high-end brand Deborah Lippmann polish in ‘I dreamed you’. However if you need to get your hands on a cheaper high street alternative, we highly recommend Bourjois ‘so laque’ in ‘rose Lounge’-it offers excellent shine, longevity, superb consistency, wide brush for easier coverage…guess you catch our drift, get this!!

Out with one, in with another!

Soak off gel nail polish, have become hugely popular at PinkCrust, and it’s easy to see why. usually lasting weeks, soak of nail polish has zero drying time, are less damaging and perfect for natural nails, however… this manicure method becomes more popular more brands are becoming available.

PinkCrust, currently offers ‘shellac’ gel nail colours. However after weeks of trial, we will replacing this withΒ  the OPI Axxium range, check out the product information below, also click(or paste into add bar) to check out what beauty bloggers have to say about this product too!Β

On-trend OPI colors paired with a superior formula earned this complete nail care line a place on most nail salon shelves. While the regular OPI nail polish has a reputation for long-wear with minimal chipping and peeling, the already successful company decided to launch an extended wear product within their OPI Axxium line. The long wearing OPI gel nail polish color is formulated to easily soak off within several weeks of application. Applied from a small pot with a brush similar to a paint brush, the gel color is a salon-only professional-use product that must be applied in conjunction with a UV lamp for proper product setting. If you’re considering a OPI gel manicure, here’s a look at some of the benefits and potential pitfalls of OPI’s latest gel polish endeavor:

Pros of OPI Gel Polish

  • Ease of use and application
  • Extended wear of at least two weeks
  • High shine that lasts throughout wear
  • Zero chipping or peeling
  • Soak-off formula is suitable for weakened or damaged nails

OPI Axxium will be available at Pinkcrust from Feb 2011 xoxo

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