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Back from our hiatus, first on the agenda >skin matters…again!

We’re lovers of all brands and we all have different skin tones. MAC has always been the go to brand for many women when it comes to the foundation department, but for us at PinkCrust there were other brands that offered better foundation products. Having tried the MAC mineralize ‘gold deposit’ as a highlighter’ and being fairly impressed, two years later there was a return to MAC this time to try the MAC mineralize Skinfinish powder. Here’s a review from one of our girls

“I’ll start by saying my skin is not particularly sensitive, but some products may cause me breakouts.  I’ve decided to turn things up a notch and make a change to my beauty regimen. I’m not a fan of  MAC bases, as they break me out, but where mineral powder is concerned, I’m prepared to try most brands . This product is brilliant, it gives light coverage, which builds to medium coverage, it stays on all day and is the perfect tone, at the salon I find myself having quick glimpses of my skin and thinking “ah, don’t you look flawless today”  then I remind myself I used the MAC mineralize and get really impressed by the product. But my main, main, main pro point is that, I have had NO breakout…my skin has even seems to of improved, which my be down to the fact that this weightless product does not clog my pores.” -PinkCrust girlie

MAC mineralize skinfinish powder gets a 5/5

£20.50 MAC Site

happy new year!

So its 2012!!!!!!! to kick start the yearr we’re offering discounted waxing treatments, if you’d like to be added to our mailing list for information on such deals then email us on

Now, since many of our clients have been no doubt been partying haaaard(we’re sure of this because we didnt get a moments respite from painting nails and fixing eyelashes) we’ll kick start the year with a good reccomendation for eye make up remover.
Lancome non oily remover is a staple in every make up artists kit, this product is very refreshimg for tired eyes and a good product to use if you wear eyelash extentions  for more info visit the  Lancome  website

Insider information alert! The mother of all concealers!

Yet again Laura Mercier harbours another hall of fame product …. Secret Camouflage

why? Heavy duty stuff which covers pretty much everything!!! don’t be frightened by “heavy-duty” all we mean is a little goes a long way and the thick cream block ensures a very solid consistency(which avoids making blemishes look worse, like a lot of concealer’s do)

Pros? This is  dual compact so you get two shades, which can be mixed together for a spot on colour match or used in separate areas for highlighting. This is especially good for darker skin tones which almost always needs more than one shade.

How much? £26

lasts? forever

We use for? Ourselves(of course) and bridals

Our advice? get it, as you may find that you no longer need to use foundation!!

For those that are a combination…..

Dry and combination skin will definitely benefit from dr Hausckas’s Rose day cream. Although it’s a slightly rich cream, this product has managed to reduce the oil in the t-zone by giving the skin what it needs, we won’t get too technical but let’s jus say after a long day of waxing one was pleased to look at her reflection and see a considerable reduction in oiliness. The Rose day cream also aids in smoothing the skin and smells incredibly lush too.

PC rating 5/5

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