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Available from £10 covering all treatments

price list

Body waxing

Full Leg £20 /Full Leg & bikini £25.50 /Half Leg (Lower)  £13.50/Half Leg (upper)  £16.50/ 3/4 leg £18.50(past knee, upwards or downwards)Full Arm Wax £15.50/Half Arm Wax £10/Under Arm Wax £8.00 or Hot film wax  £11/Tummy Wax £3.50(above bikini area)

Bikini £9.50 or hot film wax £12.50/High Bikini £12.50 or hot film wax£15.50/Brazilian £22 hot film wax only/Hollywood  £28 hot wax only

Face waxing

Eyebrow Shape £5 or hot film wax £7/Lip Wax £3.50, or hot film wax £5/Chin Wax £4 or hot film wax £7/Lip & chin Wax £6.50 or hot film wax £9.50/Full Face Waxing/Threading- £15, hot film wax £20

Face tints

Eye Lash Tint  £8.50/Eyebrow Tint £7.50/Eyebrow & Lash Tint £15.50

Make up

home  visit  bridal make up £75/Each Additional Bridesmaid £25.00 /Trial £20/ party make up £20

Eyelash extentions

Semi-Permanent Flared Extensions £13 (3 day guareentee)/Semi-Permanent Individual Extentions- £25 (5 day guaruntee)

Mani’s, Pedi’s, Nail extentions


PinkCrust Express Mani £7 (shape, buff, paint)including Nail Art £9/Manicure £15 (cuticle removal, shape, buff, scrub, mini massage and paint) /PinkCrust Luxury Mani £20, (cuticle removal, shape, buff, scrub, masage, foot treatment and colour) whitening manincure(specialist product to whiten and brighten nails) £18


PinkCrust (shape, buff, paint) £10/rPedicure £20 (removal of hard skin, cuticle removal, shape, buff, scrub, mini massage and paint) PinkCrust Luxury Pedicure £25  (removal of hard skin, cuticle removal, shape, buff, scrub, masage, foot treatment and colour)


Minx £20 hands or feet( can be placed on top of natural nails or extentions) shellac manicure (everlasting nail polish)£55/ shellac pedicure  £60/Take off £5


Hand Paraffin Wax/ hand softening Masque £8, Foot Paraffin Wax/foot softening Masque £9

Extentions and overlays

Acrylic, Full Set Including Nail Art £18/Overlay £15/Infill £13/Per Nail £3

Liquid Gel, Full Set Including Nail tips £27/Overlay £24/refill £17/Per Nail £3.50

Chrome press on nails

£20/£23-with nail art (press on nails applied with adhesive glue, lasts approximatley two weeks)


Steam Radiance Facial- £26
steam radiance facial using Decleor products £60(for all skin types, using o2 Steam to deep cleanse leaving skin luminous)

Wax Infusion Facial-£26(for dry skin, ussing paraffin wax to hydrate skin)

Detoxifiying & Extraction Facial- £26 (for congested skin, using squeezing technique to remove blackheads)

AHA mini peel facial-£30(for problem skin, using mild azlaic acid mask to aid in fading scarring and adding a ‘glow’ to skin)

Micro Dermabrasion Facial- £55 (for problem skin, using real diamonds to remove dead skin lyers aiding in cell renewal, fading pigmentation, reducing pimples and fine lines) or 2 treatments £100


Aromatherapy massage  £60/ Swedish back massage £35/ Indian head massage £25/Swedish Hand and foot massagee £20

Body wraps

Hydrating & Nutrient Wrap £39.95/Skin Firming, Sooting & Stimulating Wrap £39.95/Weight Loss Body Wraps £39.95/Detox & Anti-Cellulite Wrap- £39.95

Spray tan £19

The pinkcrust girlies are also available for make up, basic hair styling and nail tech shoots((fashion, editorial, video) Prices start from £100 for 4hrs -please note: prices may vary depending on location

please call for more information

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  1. The service from Pinkcrust is on point. Worth every penny. xxxx

  2. I love pinkcrust thank u so much Hella, my nails look totally fabulous I’m loving the gel and the glitter tips such a funky but yet elegant look! See you in two weeks! Mwah mwah xx


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